About Us:

 Air Ads Limited can provide a high profile airborne marketing platform for commercial concerns and private commissions in the UK.

In 2000, the founders of the company started Air Ads after having observed the success of aerial advertising in the USA and its increasing use in France, Spain and Italy.

A couple of aerial work companies had started flying banners in the UK but this was mainly to utilise down time on existing aircraft and so banner towing was low on the list of priorities.

With this in mind, it was decided to start a specialist UK banner towing company based at Blackpool International Airport able to cover the major conurbations of Manchester and Liverpool within an hours flying time. Since then the company has expanded into many other aerial work activities. Of course the actual flight is an important part of the business, but equally important is the advice we can give on the banner wording, billboard design, area coverage and target timing.

Using these skills we have been able to integrate Air Ads into national and local campaigns run by advertising agencies and individual companies right down to half hour private commissions.

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