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Terms and Conditions:

The minimum display booking period is one hour*. A deposit of 50% of the quoted price of the display is required on booking and the balance is payable seven days in advance for private customers and within 30 days following the display date for corporate clients with previously agreed terms. (Payment can be made by BACS or cheque).

The cost of designing and developing bespoke sheet banners, company logos etc is not refundable. These are the property of the client and will be sent to the client, following the display, on request.

In making a booking, the client accepts responsibility for providing accurate information on the location required. We strongly recommend that the client checks any postcode against the latitude and longitude results returned on and then passes these details to us for confirmation. In some very isolated examples we have experienced, a postcode may be as much as one mile adrift from the map reference we need to correctly identify the target area for the banner display. If there is any doubt, please ask us and we will be happy to assist.

In providing bespoke – sheet banners– to our clients from their artwork, AIR ADS acts as an intermediary and is unable to offer or imply a warranty on the materials, which are produced to the highest “flight ready” standard by specialist companies in the United States.

Very occasionally, a sheet banner may tear in flight, a consequence of the dramatic forces – much like a sail – being applied against the material. Frequently and like a sail, repairs can be made but if the tear is too large, there may be no option but to replace the banner at the client’s cost.

AIR ADS is happy to store digital sheet banners for clients out of season, however this service is at the client's own risk and the client may wish to add the banner to its own insurance. AIR ADS charges a monthly storage fee of £5.00+VAT, - payable annually - per banner but may waive this fee if the banner is used at least once during the course of the preceding twelve months. The client should specify the required display time on the order and check this time against the confirmation on the invoice for the display.

Providing a banner display is a complex exercise involving many different factors. AIR ADS cannot accept responsibility for any delays outside its control; i.e. Air Traffic Control routing or technical delays. During the day of the display and time leading-up to the display, it is essential that the client provides a means of contact, so that AIR ADS can inform and confer with the client by text, email or mobile phone of any changes to weather conditions, arrival times or en-route delays. Failure to provide a contact point in the critical period leading-up to the flight may lead to the flight being cancelled with a subequent loss of refund.

On occasions and as a consequence of longer positioning distances involved, AIR ADS will need to make an operational "Go/No Go" judgement decision based on the available weather forecast for the destination. Unless instructed otherwise, the client accepts that AIR ADS will make this appropriate operational decision and if the weather at the destination is below limits on arrival, then AIR ADS will only charge the client for banner production and the positioning costs involved. If the client however wishes to make any final decision prior to any flight commencing, then AIR ADS should be notified of this preference in advance.

Cancellation terms:

If a cancellation instruction is received inside seven days of the display (but not the day before), 50% of the total fee or deposit , will be returned to the client. For a cancellation received the day before the flight, the display element price only will be subject to refund. For a cancellation received outside seven days, the total fee will be returned less any deposit (normally 50% of the total package) or the client may ask to re-schedule the booking to a mutually agreeable date. The event can be re-scheduled to a mutually convenient date at any time up to seven days before the display without charge. Inside this period, there is a re-arrangement charge of £150+VAT

If the weather conditions on the day of the assignment are considered marginal, AIR ADS will consult with the client to determine whether a "best efforts" attempt should be made to deliver the display. If, for operational reasons beyond our control or technical problems, AIR ADS is unable to provide the service, then a full refund of the display fee, will be offered to the client within seven days. In the event of bad weather cancellation, the client will, on request, receive a full refund less £75+VAT costs of preparing the banner.

If the aircraft is unable to complete the assignment for weather or operational air traffic reasons and has already made its positioning flight, then the client will be offered a refund less the quoted hourly positioning charges for the aircraft and the banner preparation fee. AIR ADS can roll-over a weather-cancelled and paid-for flight for the client for no longer than six months from the date of the booking. After this time the client will be offered a 25% discount if they wish to re-book in the following season. AIR ADS normally has multiple flight assignments on any one day and as a result may be unable to accommodate a client who may wish to make a last minute change or delay a display from the assigned time. While we make every possible effort to be flexible booking times are final unless changes are agreed in advance with the pilot.

Clients should be aware that strong winds, air traffic control re-routing or bad weather may cause an aircraft to be delayed on site and every effort is made by AIR ADS to keep clients informed in such an eventuality. The risk of such operational factors outside of our control make it impossible to 'guarantee' an exact display time only a 'best-efforts' commitment on the part of AIR ADS.

Safety is of course our paramount concern and while we will make every effort to deliver your message on schedule, the unpredictable nature of the British weather may come between us and your display. Picking-up and displaying an aerial banner is a difficult and demanding exercise for both pilot and aircraft. We will always consult with our clients before the event and offer a best estimate of our ability to reach the location required. If air traffic is heavy, the location is under air show control or the weather forecast is not promising, we will tell you and may suggest that you re-schedule the time of your display. If this is not possible, perhaps the weather between our base and the destination is at minimums or the destination airfield is fogged-in, you may ask us to make our "best efforts" to fly to the location in spite of the actual and predicted forecasts on the day. As long as this does not violate flight safety regulations, we will make an attempt to reach the location and if we have to turn back, we will only charge for the fuel used against our published positioning tariff.

AIR ADS acceptance of any booking and business, is contingent on the client reading and accepting the terms and conditions of service published on this page.

AIR ADS has an acceptable use and content policy where clients promotional materials are concerned. For a copy of this document please enquire. Banner messages should reach us in good time for production. Normally seven days minimum in advance of the flight is required unless agreed in advance.

*Start to finish time after leaving the nearest positioning airfield for the display.

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