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Banner Towing:

Billboard Banners - We can now offer massive, custom made, digitally perfect, printed billboard sheets. The largest size that we can tow is 1500 square feet (22ft high x 70ft long). These huge billboard banners are really impressive and can be flown for campaigns requiring from 1 to 1000 flight hours.

After the contract has been fulfilled, the banner is presented to the client so that the printed material can be used in their own future marketing campaigns.

Letter Banners - We can tow 32 5ft (1.5m) letters or 23 7ft (2.1m) letters. They are black or red in colour and highly legible in any day light conditions. The 5ft letters are ideal for general low level work. The 7ft letters are used if extra height is required over the target. The larger letters do give greater visual impact at low level but the message has got to be shorter.

Combination Banners - A variation to the Billboard Option is the Combination banner. This design combines the visual impact of the billboard with the versatility of the letter banner. A billboard of up to 22ft high has attachments for a trailing letter message. This personalises your logo for a particular area or specific event.

For example a Ford Cars logo is made up as a small billboard with a dealership name attached to this made up of interchangeable letters. This is then flown in the area covered by this particular dealer. When we move onto a new area, the Ford logo is retained but the letters are changed for wording relevant to the new areas dealership. You get maximum personalised impact for minimum cost!

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